Keith Wayne MacGregor, Founder and CEO
Keith Wayne Enterprises, LLC

Green Hosted

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Keith Wayne MacGregor

Professional Offerings for Individuals and Organizations:


  • Private & Group Intuitive Spiritual Coaching
  • Private & Group Career/Business Guidance, Strategy & Sequencing
  • Team Building Through Relationship
  • General Operations/Corporate Consulting/Capital
  • CEO for Hire -- short and long term service
  • Corporate For-profit and Nonprofit Strategy & Sequencing
  • Producer | Writer | Actor |-| film | TV | music


Notice: Recently, Keith has been asked to provide "End of Life Counseling". Individuals processing their own eminent passing, or that of a family member or friend may benefit from exploring working with Keith through this process.


Regardless of one's spiritual belief or religious practices, it seems that most of us want transition into a new life/existance to be a more understood and peaceful experience for everyone.


Receiving help and understanding about this transition before and after someone's passing can be all that one needs to make a shift in their perspective and to have a more peaceful experience. Please call or email if you feel led to explore the possibilty of working with Keith in this capacity.